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IHC 856XL 2WD v1.0.0.0

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IHC 856XL 2WD v1.0.0.0


I edited this existing mod by adding 2wd and some small details
the 856 is a small 86hp tractor that will be a great addon to almost any farm. its a great tractor to start a new farm with but also a great utility tractor for big farms. so either if your farm is big or small this tractor will fit for all. the 2wd makes this tractor great to drive on small farms too because of the small turn circle.
there are design options that allow you to customize your tractor
there is also different paint so you can choose a old or a restored tractor
i will add new and more features along the way.
credits are in the moddesc.
if there is any bugs let me know.

Required mods
Simple IC

lars2005 ihc foara

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