Korpi Map V1.0.3.3

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Korpi Map V1.0.3.3

Updated Finnish Weather.
Fixed a bug with ground density map that prevented loading.
Fixed bug related to map overlay not updating proper rolled status of fields. Your fields will still be “rolled” as far as harvest bonuses, but the map overlay will still show you needing to roll.
Any new games started on v1.0.1 or newer may experience this bug. Games started on Korpi 1.0, even after updating to 1.0.1 or newer, shouldn’t experience this bug.

If your save is bugged, follow these directions:
Unpack the FS22_Korpi.zip file
Inside the FS22_korpi directory, navigate to /maps/data/ and copy the infoLayer_rollerLevel.grle file.
Overwrite the infoLayer_rollerLevel.grle file found in your savegame folder.
Remove the korpi folder that you unpacked.
This will wipe the roller status from the map overlay and may not display any fields that currently need rolled, but upon next planting everything will work as normal.
Sorry for letting this bug by and all the hassle, my apologies – Jookya

Big update out!
This is KORPI, somewhere in Finland wildreness! This is my version of “start from the scratch” map.
– There is NO ready fields.
– All sellpoint and vehicleshop are middle of map.
– You don’t own any land or vehicles at any start level.
– Finnish style crop calender [Thanks to Mr_Mazzony]
– Finnish style weather [Thanks to Agame78]
– Finnish style licenseplates [Thanks to Mr_Mazzony]
– BIG thanks to Jookya from big update, check latest changelog!!

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