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Welcome to Farmers Island!

Farmers Island is a fictional map from Farming Simulator 17.

When starting a new game, this map gives a player the option of choosing whether to start his farm in the farm or forest area.
With the start options farm or forest you are only given other start vehicles (each adapted to the area farm or forest), both start options start on the same map.

On this card there are:
-A farm
-Three forest areas
-A village
-Three small settlements
-A train (locomotive, 3 grain wagons, 3 wooden wagons, 1 flat wagon)

This card has three mods built in:
-John Deere Agro Series AS
-Pickup 2014 small conversion
-Strautman SEK 802 forest / transport conversion

Change log (Farmer Town 7 V3 -> Farmers Island 19 V1):
-Adjustment of the shaders
– Exchange old textures that did not work
– Exchange of old FS17 objects by Fs19 objects


Change Log V1.2:
New tree types: oak, pine, palm, (+ maple, spruce)
Resetting all trees (now mix forests)
New location: Hotel Lodge + sales point
Remove the pier + sales point
Remove the old sewage treatment plant
new locomotive on the train
Remove the AI ??trains
New decorative wagons at the main station
New export of individual textures (DXT3 > DXT1)
Replacing the harbor cranes with models of the Felsbrunn
New standard vehicles
New PDA card:
Changes V1.1, V1.2
Shows trees (only shows roughly where trees stand to know when there are trees there are trees!)
Shows building (not 100% exactly placed on the PDA!)
Remove many unused files

Change Log V1.1:
-Introduction of the animated objects
-New definition of the land that can be bought
– remove many trees (performance reasons)
-Building a new residential area
-Building a small people port
-New outlets
-New names for sales outlets
– Introduction of the opening hours of the vehicle dealer
-John Deere Agro Series AS Adjustment of configuration prices
-Remove the pickup 2014 small remodeling
– Customized shipping routes
-Display of a ship accident at the port
-Install small nice scenarios on and in the water
-New languages ??’Dutch, French, Italian’


Modell: Yannoxz, GIANTS
Textur: Yannoxz, GIANTS
Idee / Konzept: Yannoxz, VarTrans, LanzaPlay
Tester: VarTrans, LanzaPlay, Yannoxz
Sonstige: GIANTS, Yannoxz, VarTrans, LanzaPlay

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