How to make money owning horses in Farming Simulator 22

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How to make money owning horses in Farming Simulator 22

How to make money owning horses in Farming Simulator 22

In this article, you’ll find out how to make money in the game with horses. Let’s dive in!

Buying a paddock and a horse

You’ll find paddocks in the placeables menu right under the animal pens.

  • Horse paddock with 8 horses costs €50.000
  • Large horse paddock with 16 horses costs €95.000

Once you buy a paddock click R and select a horse. You’ll be able to choose from 8 different horse options.


Each horse is €5.000, and there’s also a fee of €300 if you’re not transporting it. However, I suggest paying the fee anyway because the trailer costs €16.000, or €1.280 if you decide to lease it. Also, keep in mind that if you’re buying only one horse, it’ll be more expensive.

Transporting the horse you bought

If you’d rather not pay the €300 fee, then follow the steps below.

You’ll have to find an animal dealer which is located in two places:

  • near the field 14 on Ravenport;
  • near the barn on Felsbrunn (Field 16 and field 25)

Now you’ll have to buy an animal trailer. Find it under the animal transport.


The rule of thumb is that if you’re buying 4 or more horses, it’s better to just lease the trailer, but you’re only going for one horse, better pay the fee because it’ll definitely be cheaper.

Once you buy your shiny new horse, off-load it at the same spot as before.

So, you’ve done everything. What’s next?

Now that you own a horse, you have to know how to look after it properly. In this section, I’ll talk about keeping your horse fit, clean, healthy and well-fed.

In order to make sure your horse is healthy, give him water, straw and food. Each horse should drink 350 l of water and consume 700 l of straw.


As for food, you’ll need 3.500 l of oats and 3.500 l of hay. You can either grow and harvest your own oats or simply buy them in the local shop.

Riding the horse and keeping him clean

Now that you took care of your horse’s basic needs, time to spend time working on his fitness.

When you buy a horse, his fitness is at 5%, so you have to ride it every single day.


Once you ride your horse and fill up his daily fitness level to 100% you’ll have to clean him. To do that you’ll need to hold the left click on the horse. And it’s done!

In case you want to sell your horse

When your horse is 100% fit and clean, you might consider selling him. How?

Go to the animal dialog – it’s the same place as you bought it – and double click on your horse on the right side. Then click “Confirm”.

If, say, your horse is not at 100%, but at 13%, you could sell it for around €6.000. Once your horse gets up to 100% fitness you could sell it for more than €45.000. So make sure you keep it fit, clean and well-fed! P.S. The price goes up by around €5.000 with every 10% added to the horse’s fitness.




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