FS22 GPS: Guidance Steering Mod

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FS22 GPS: Guidance Steering Mod


FS22 GPS: Guidance Steering Mod

There is one mod that probably you heard about before if you have been into your Farming Simulator 22 games. It is none other than GPS mod – some of the experienced players actually believe that without this mod, the game wouldn’t be as good as it is with it.

So, naturally, it makes sense that players already are asking about this mod and if it is going to be in the newest FS22 mods release. There is no announcement that GPS will be a part of the base game for Farming Simulator 22.

What is GPS Mod

Guidance Steering allows you to use different methods in order to create tracks. The AB point method requires you to set up two points (A and B) in order to calculate the steering angle. The A+heading method simplifies this setup by only forcing you to enter the desired steering angle.

However, we also know from Upsidedown – a quite famous modder – that he is currently working on Cattle and Crops. This means that he is occupied with something else and GPS mod might not be a part of Farming Simulator 22.

It seems that the only way GPS could become a part of the FS22 game is that someone decides to make it from the beginning. Moreover, we are confident that there will be attempts to simply adapt this mod to the new Farming Simulator 22. In that case,

Upsidedown will have to approve this new mod, which we believe is rather unlikely to happen. But you never know what can happen – GPS is an attractive mod to have, so it could be beneficial to approve it!

How to enable Guidance Steering (GPS)

You have to do this before you’re able to enter the menu:

  1. Enable Guidance Steering: left ALT + C
  2. Show Guidance Steering menu: left CTRL + S

How to install FS22 GPS Mod:

Windows: Copy the FS19_guidanceSteering_rc_<version>.zip into your My Games\FarmingSimulator2019\mods directory.

Buying GPS for vehicle

To start using GPS, first, you need to buy it. Either buy a new vehicle and add the GPS configuration or drive your current vehicle to the shop and configure it there.

Why Guidance Steering is disabled?

When you buy the GPS configuration for the first time Guidance Steering is disabled. In order to turn Guidance Steering on and off hit alt + c

How to use GPS Mod



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