FS22 Erlengrat map overview & screenshots

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FS22 Erlengrat map overview & screenshots

FS22 Erlengrat map overview & screenshots

Vast mountainous grasslands, curvy roads, moving passenger trains and cable cars at the horizon: Erlengrat represents the European alpine regions and invites you to an idyllic landscape, perfectly designed for grassland care and animal husbandry. Watch the brand-new trailer below!

Erlengrat map Trailer


Check out the map highlights, below. We already introduced Haut-Beyleron and Elmcreek to you, and with Erlengrat, our tour of guiding you through the maps of Farming Simulator 22 is now over. In just a few days, it’s time to choose your destination and start farming.

  • representative of a tourist destination in the German-speaking Alps
  • overall altitude difference of 260 meters between highest and lowest point
  • multiple vantage points to overlook Erlengrat and its surroundings
  • a lot of sightseeing locations, including a shopping mile
  • looks especially beautiful during winter


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