Farming Simulator 22: The most wanted Features

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Farming Simulator 22: The most wanted Features

Farming Simulator 22: The most wanted Features


Farming Simulator 22: The most wanted Features

Players have been waiting for more than a year for this and finally, Giants Software has announced that the newest Farming Simulator 22 will be coming out in the last quarter of this year. Yes, it is this year and all of us have waited long enough for this already! Of course, as with every new release, this new version will be coming out with some amazing new features additionally. Right now not everything is completely confirmed, but from what we already know is that there will be many more machinery categories, game engine optimizations, upgraded AI, seasonal transitions, and a richer world all in this one new FS22 release.

Most players would agree that this is already a pretty amazing package of new features for this release, but of course, as avid fans, we always want to have a bit more and we also have our own dreams and wishes for the Farming Simulator game.

We should also consider the fact that the new FS22 version has been developed for a long time now if you compare it to others. This automatically means that the community really expects a lot from it, which is completely understandable. We really think that if Giant Software actually manages to fulfill the players’ expectations this time, this FS22 series would become a true hit in the history of this game.

Water to grow plant’s



You probably already know this, but for every single growing thing on our planet – an animal, human or a plant – water is an essential part of the growing. If there’s no water, nobody won’t survive on this Earth. However, when we talk about growing plants in the Farming Simulator, so far water was not included in this process and has no impact on it. The only things that you need to grow are the land, sunshine, and your seeds. That’s it. Water is actually only used for washing purposes of your vehicles or hydration of domestic animals. Therefore, it would be amazing that water would finally be included in the growing plant’s process.

Of course one can argue that this is just an extra unnecessary step in the game, but we are simulating a farm here, so it becomes more realistic this way. What is very interesting is that rain actually has been in the game for a while, but there is no purpose to it other than preventing crops from being harvested. We already know that seasons will be introduced in the FS22 version, so could it be that the extreme conditions of each season might affect your crops? For example, a drought in the summer can have a very huge impact. This might sound more complex but at the same time, it will be more realistic and will make you think even more about your strategy. This is only a good thing for true simulator fans!

In addition to that, what if the rain actually washed off your vehicles? That would be such a real-life experience and also very practical.

Random disasters



We also think that natural nuisances would actually be quite a nice feature to be added to the game in terms of it becoming even more realistic. Imagine fires, tornadoes, infestations that actually really affect farms in reality, so it could also be a thing in the Farming Simulator. Of course, we understand that some natural disasters could be quite complicated to develop, but simpler ones such as infestations or fires should be fairly okay. When we think about it actually, they could really work well with season transitions during the year because some of the natural disasters only occur during specific months, such as wildfires in California during summer.

We all know that farmers usually need to utilize pesticides to save their land from insects. In the previous version, we already had weeds, which ended up having herbicide. So you already can see that we have everything we need already. Lastly, if we have fires and water, they can cancel each other out and it would be possible to create more tools for fighting the fires.

More realistic Terrain



When you think about driving mechanics in the game, other games seem to have them better developed than in FS22. Why? There are a couple of aspects combined but mostly it feels like in the Farming Simulator it really doesn’t matter where you drive your tractor or combine – asphalt or dirty land – the feeling is the same. However, the machinery has the features such as huge tires for tough terrain, which is of real-life tractors or combines and that should actually alter the way you drive them. Therefore, as fans, we would like to see a bit more details like this to be added to the game.

When you play Farming Simulator, you are actually able to swap the tires of your vehicles, which in real life ends up in better efficiency and performance, but in the game, this operation actually doesn’t do anything significant. Currently, the only thing that makes a difference is adding a better engine. So, as you already understood, all the rest of the things you can do is actually just for the visual part of your game. As we already have seasons coming up in the new version, it would make sense that driving your vehicle would feel different in various climate conditions.

Mechanics of the vehicles



In general, the driving experience in Farming Simulator isn’t the most amazing. The tractors are mostly designed for performing in the field, but not being driven anywhere else. So if you wanted to drive a bit faster, for instance, to go more than 35 mph, you will not enjoy the ride, this machinery is simply not designed to handle speed very well. They will twitch, tumble and flip as if they are not real. This is probably one of the bigger flaws from original game development – the machinery is designed for fieldwork only.

Therefore, we really think that the overall mechanics of the vehicles could be improved a bit in Farming Simulator 22 to feel more like real-life machinery. That would definitely make players happier.

Buy and Sell used vehicles


Farming Simulator has some very specific factors about the game economy. For instance, microtransactions don’t really exist in the game, but this is actually a good thing for players because the economy in the game is already rather expensive. If you want to buy a new machine (and you must have it to grow your farm), then you have to pay a lot of money and in order to do that, you have to work quite hard. It takes a long time to earn money, which is fine in a game like Farming Simulator, but after all that hard work you would only be able to buy just one vehicle. This isn’t very encouraging, is it?

That’s why we think that ability to buy second-hand machinery would be an amazing addition that will add so much interest to the game. Plus, it’s already possible to sell your used machine anyway in the game, so why not allow you to buy used ones too? This would allow you to accelerate your game a bit quicker.

Sell Tractor parts



In addition to already mentioned facts and ideas, vehicle maintenance was actually already introduced in Farming Simulator 19. This requires bringing your machinery to the workshop to get checked out every now and again. It could actually be expanded to the feature where you have to keep doing that, but if your vehicle is old it should actually just stop working and be sold for parts. This would enforce players to change their machinery frequently.

Wouldn’t you agree that this would add more reality to your game? It would be real-life because after all, your machinery wears off with time. It will definitely boost the economy of the game too!

System artificial intelligence


So, talking further, we really want to utilize AI workers more and more. There are so many tasks and routines that could be assigned to them! Currently, the only job that they can do is mainly fieldwork, but the quality of that work is actually not always amazing. Experienced players know that if the terrain is a bit more difficult then the AI workers might get stuck on a tree, a fence or simply they can just miss big chunks of your field. Also, it is known that the AI workers are not able to drive around an unexpected object. This is not efficient at all!

The creators of the game already mentioned some nice improvements that will be coming up to the system, but we really want some core things changed. One of those should be the improvements of AI, they definitely should be able to do fieldwork 100% correct. In addition to that, AI workers could also know how to stack bales/pallets, make manure or simply just deliver a trailer of goods to the shop and go back. Since seasons already are becoming a part of core game features, AI working also could do the same thing.

If you want more freedom and extra features in the game, you can always utilize Courseplay mods, but the negative side of it is that you must take time to learn about using them and also try many different mods. In addition, modding is not always available for console players. So if this is integrated in the game, it will definitely be a big plus for all the players. Developers could also add these things into the menu, so that it’s easily accessible. Don’t you agree that this would make the game more efficient and encourage you to play more?

New Features Reality



It is difficult to say what actually could become a reality from the long wishlist that we presented here. It’s not uncommon that game creators take into account the wishes of their community, so we should expect at least some of it from Giants Software too.

The company and its Farming Simulator game have been so successful in recent years, but it can also be felt that they stopped improving a little bit because of the huge success. Even if we take a look at the Farming Simulator 19, it was an amazing launch, many upgrades, however, so much more could have been done already back then. Loads of problems remained there from the previous versions, some bigger some a bit smaller, so definitely there could have been more improvements present for sure.

The community is truly waiting for something big because it has been three years since the last release of Farming Simulator. The new Farming Simulator 22 is coming out this year already, so the pressure is definitely on for the Giants Software. The game is super successful and popular, but the new features of the game must also represent that. Of course, if not all the features will be implemented, it won’t be the end of the world, but for all the biggest fans of Farming Simulator 22, this wishlist in the new version would be such an amazing addition to the game.

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