Farming Simulator 22: How to sell hay Bales

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Farming Simulator 22: How to sell hay Bales

Farming Simulator 22: How to sell hay Bales

Do you want to know how to play Farming Simulator 22 really well? If your answer is yes, then you have to definitely get to know more about bales because they are really important in FS22As an example, you definitely need to find out where to buy them first. So, we will tell you a bit more about bales.

Where to sell bales

To begin with, we want to say that you need to know where to view the bales. Simply go to the southern part of the map – there you will find the Heating Plant. When you go there just look for the corner entrance and enter the building where you can sell your bales.

If this is not enough information for you about selling your bales in Farming Simulator 22, just watch video:



So, we hope all of our tips are very helpful and you now learned where to go to sell your bales.

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