Farming Simulator 22: Graphics Performance

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Farming Simulator 22: Graphics Performance

Farming Simulator 22: Graphics Performance

The newest release of Farming Simulator 22 has announced that there will be some changes and improvements in the visual and performance part of the game. Therefore, we want to talk about that in a little bit more detail so that you can know and prepare for what’s coming with the new FS22.

DirectX 12 support

Multimedia handling is usually done by Microsoft DirectX (CX) that provides a set of APIs for that. The specific API for 3D graphics in the DirectX is used for developing the games for Microsoft Windows computers and Xbox consoles.

Currently, the newest version of the API set is the DX 12 Ultimate, which is available on the Xbox Series X and Windows PCs. The API is rather amazing because it provides developers with abilities to create fascinating visuals in the game. For the gamers’ community, it really helps with performance and the imagination in the game, which makes it much nicer to play.

Multithreading in Farming Simulator 22

In order to play the Farming Simulator game, you will need a very good processor (CPU) and a graphics card (GPU). All your game basically depends on the CPU – the economy, AI workers, the growth, and all the mods are run by scripts and if you don’t have a great CPU you will experience lagging, even if you have a great GPU.

Multithreading has been used in Farming Simulator since FS2011. It’s been a while and it actually is designed to choose different computing tasks to different cores of the CPU – physics on core 2, sound on core 3, and game scripts on core 1.

Therefore, the promised optimizing of the multithreading in FS22 will end up in much nicer performance in-game. For example, when AI workers would be calculating their paths the CPU is hit quite severely, so with this optimized solution, your game will be smoother and lag less.

What is Occlusion Culling

All the previous versions of Farming Simulator worked in a way that all the objects are loaded at the start of your game. This sounds quite cool, however, there is a bad side as well. For example, if you chose to play with a map that includes a lot of details, your whole game might experience slowness and lag.

Occlusion Culling is created exactly to combat this problem in FS22. By utilizing this, the game engine will only load the landscape that the player sees in the camera view. The other objects will be loaded on-demand, meaning that if you move your camera view, only then they will be loaded. This will improve the lag a lot!

How FS22 Occlusion Culling Works

Let us explain a little bit more about how this technology works. In the first image, you see Farming Simulator without the occlusion culling. As you can see, everything is rendered – the view in the camera and around.


If you now look at the images below, the occlusion culling is on, so only the camera view objects are loaded. Therefore, everything not in the shot is not rendered and will only be once the camera shifts.


NOTE: Beware that we are not 100% how Giants’ occlusion culling is going to look like, this is just an assumption.

However, we still think that this change no matter how aggressive it is will have a huge impact on the overall experience of the game. It will be much smoother and probably no more stuttering. 

Rendering Texture

It is common among many games to render all the textures at the same time. This usually ends up in slowness, especially on lower-end graphic cards. In order to avoid that, players need to adjust the game’s graphics settings.

There is another way to solve this issue, you can simply load textures on demand – once they are in the camera view. Let’s explain a bit more:

Imagine your farmer is somewhere in the middle of your land. One of your vehicles, let’s say, a tractor, is working on the grass nearby. So, in such an example only the grass, sky, ground, and vehicle textures will be loaded in your view. If you decided to move from the tractor to view something else, like your barn – the textures will move along with that from the tractor to the barn. 

Therefore, this change is especially nice for players that have low-end graphic cards, but they want to enjoy high-quality textures in the Farming Simulator game. It will be available in FS22!

Will use Anti-aliasing

If you are an experienced Farming Simulator player, you will probably know how maps can flicker and break when you move the camera. Also, other important details such as powerlines, buildings, or leaves can also flicker the same way.

In the new version of FS22, this will not be the case anymore. It will be done by temporal anti-aliasing that is coming out with the new version! No more fragmented or distorted views for you, all the game will be smooth from now on.

If you want to have a quick glimpse of how this could affect your overall game experience, just check out a clip that we found of War Thunder. There you see how anti-aliasing makes it nice and smooth and how your FS22 game will change for the better:



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