Farming Simulator 22 Economy System: How It Works and How To Use It?

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Farming Simulator 22 Economy System: How It Works and How To Use It?

Farming Simulator 22 Economy System: How It Works and How To Use It?

In this guide, we’ll cover the economy system in Farming Simulator 22 in general – as well as give you some tips and tricks on how to make the most money on it.

The economy system on Farming Simulator 22 may seem a little all over the place. Because it is – with a lot of products to sell and many places to sell them to, it all can grow quite intimidating very quickly. Prices are also rather unpredictable, as the players are not given any guidance as to what a “good price”, or “good value” is, making it very challenging for beginner users to understand what (and when) to do.

So – let’s take a look at what makes this game tick. Here in this guide, we’ll cover some of the core price-related things that should help everyone, no matter their chosen skill level.

Factors that affect the price

Prices on Farming Simulator 22 constantly fluctuate. While there’s a fixed price available for each item, it can constantly change depending on many factors.

Here’s what those main factors are:

Supply and demand – the more of something is available, the lower the price is going to be. Don’t expect to sell a lot of something and for the price of that item to stay the same – it’s going to go down. Once you sell less, the price is bound to go back up.

Dynamic fluctuation – you’re not the only farmer here, you know. The prices are going to move randomly as well, possibly to indicate other farmers like you, selling various crops and saturating the market with them – or not, and the demand going back up.

Great demands – usually once a day, a price for one specific product is going to go up. Seize the opportunity and make the most profit here!

How do these factors work?

Known as “pricePerLiter”, the base price can be found on the file called \data\maps\maps_fillTypes.xml. The price is valid for all the maps on the game, and the developer has full freedom to change it with the upcoming game updates. As one example, we can use oats – they have been a very low-priced crop. Since the 1.2 updates on the 19 version of the game, it has been buffed and turned into a better cash crop ever since.

The dropping prices due to supply and demand, and saturating the market with crops can easily be fixed in-game, by setting the time factor to 1 and selling all of your products immediately, once the price is at a high spot. It’s not a full guarantee that this is going to work fully – this exploit is known to behave differently at launch, and often changes with game updates.

Dynamic fluctuation is a massive factor in selling as well. Often, fluctuation can be so big, it overshadows the seemingly massive Great Demands bonuses. Especially considering that Instant Demand is only available on a single station, while the fluctuation affects all at once.

At the moment, the best method of getting the biggest profits is to wait for the dynamic fluctuation to offer the best prices and then selling a big part of your collected produce at once.

Great Demands is currently not the best system to exploit trying to make the most money on Farming Simulator 22. The increased prices are just about as big, as they would be on a regular dynamic fluctuation. As the prices on different stations fluctuate, the Great Demands bonus is nothing more than a regular fluctuation. Which downplays the whole “Great” thing here.

However, you can see the future three Great Demands by checking out the economy.xml file in the \FarmingSimulator2019\savegameX.

And while the prices fluctuate a lot, they do not change on the Biogas Plant map.

Price recommendations

The fixed prices can be seen as “average prices” – and while they do not change, you can add a multiplier with a new “Economic Difficulty” setting. By using them, you can adjust the game to be easier to play. Here is what those multipliers are:

  • Start From Scratch / Hard: 1.0
  • Farm Manager / Normal: 1.8
  • New Farmer / Ease: 3.0

Let’s use this data to measure the base prices for some of the most popular grains on the game:

Now, let’s combine these with the dynamic fluctuations. Through our observations alone, we can conclude that the fluctuation range at around 142% of these starting values shown in the table.

By using this information, we can now try and calculate just what exactly “good selling prices” should be. While the prices go around the “140%” region, they don’t do so often, and we feel very comfortable selling when the prices are around the 130% region.

When you will sell – either as fast as possible, or later, waiting for the rare, elusive 140%, is entirely down to you. You can wait to get the best price, or you can get the most money as early as possible, and reinvest.

As mentioned, our golden number resides at around 130%. Here is a table, showing our devised best prices to sell in. Use this table for your investments!

So, monitor the prices, hedge your risks, and make some money – we hope that this guide has been helpful to you.


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