Farming Simulator 22 announces long-awaited features

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Farming Simulator 22 announces long-awaited features

Farming Simulator 22 announces long-awaited features

Finally, Farming Simulator 22 is coming out in the last quarter of this year! It is better than ever this year, the new Farming Simulator will really blow your mind this time. Read more if you want to get more information about it!

Prepare all your machinery and animals – upgraded Farming Simulator 22 is just around the corner! No more waiting, all the community is thrilled after not having a new version released last year. Stay with us for all the details about this release!

In addition to this amazing news, we want to share with you a conversation with Giants’ Software CEO, where he explains why GTA is an amazing model for Farming Simulator and on the contrary, FIFA is not such a great example:

All information about the release

When will Farming Simulator 22 appear?

As far as we heard and know Farming Simulator 22 should be coming out in the last quarter of 2021. No exact month yet, but this is absolutely normal with such releases.

On which platforms does Farming Simulator 22 appear?

Farming Simulator 22 will be supported on Mac, PC, and next-generation consoles. To get more information, it includes – Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5.

Who brings the FS22 from?

Farming Simulator 22 is once again brought to us all the way from Switzerland, from Giants Software development. This time they want to come out with an even better product, in their words, the main goal is to “lift the qualitative bar ever higher through full self-determination”, so actually, the creators are moving away from Focus Home Interactive and taking the publishing to their own hands.

We have seen the first glimpses of the new version and we are super excited to tell you one thing that we noticed immediately! Farming Simulator 22 will have four seasons!

Finally seasons and numerous innovations


FS 2022 is already so amazing even from the screenshots that were seen by the community. There is going to be so much newness in the game! The season’s feature is amazing already, but moreover, Lely Astronaut – the milking machine – is going to have equipment for animal husbandry when before it was only presented as a manufacturer. Also, it was noticed that a brand new vehicle The Fendt Katana is going to be there:



  • Four seasons: It was a feature that was literally dreamt of by almost all the players in the game and finally it will be included in the new version! All the four seasons – summer, autumn, winter, and spring will have a huge impact on the farm life and definitely be a new factor in your game.
  • New content: Moreover, it is thought that new maps, mechanics, and fruits are also coming out, but we need to wait for more information.
  • Improved animal husbandry: The newest way of livestock farming will have amazing improvements compared to the older version and will have more immersion too.
  • Better technology: Texture streaming, occlusion culling, DirectX 12 support, multi-threading optimization, even more, realistic AI and lastly, temporal anti-aliasing will allow for amazing looks and performance.
  • New machines and devices: It is known that at first, 400+ machines and vehicles from more than 100 famous manufacturers are coming out of the Farming Simulator 22. Also, it might be that new DLCs with extra content will come out as well.


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