3 The Biggest Tractors for Farming Simulator 22

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3 The Biggest Tractors for Farming Simulator 22

3 The Biggest Tractors for Farming Simulator 22

Are you very indecisive on which tractor mod to choose when playing your Farming Simulator 22? Don’t worry, lots of players are in the same situation simply because the variety of machines that you can choose from is pretty vast. Also, most of the mods are amazing in their own way, which makes it even more difficult to choose. But of course, in every game, you can find something that is absolutely amazing and much better than others.

As fans of the game, we have tried all the FS22 tractor mods that it is available and we want to show you all the best ones that really stood out from the others. (Keep in mind that we update the mods daily, so remember to refer to this list from time to time):


The creators of the game decided to have a Fendt Vario Series tractor in Farming Simulator 22. This was appreciated by a lot of players in the game and especially when TechMod a.s. created the new updated vanilla model. This TechMod tractor is truly like owning a super tractor that has other tractors integrated into it.

It is very cool that you are able to change the color of your FS 22 Fendt if you want, just bring it to the shop as soon as you are tired of the old color or if you want, you actually can switch up the brand!

If you are interested, you can also make it a Challenger and change colours as much as you like. However, we think that for more customizations you should just try Custom Modding’s Challenger version instead.


Manufacturer: FENDT
Model: 1000 series
Production: 2015 –
Max speed: 60 km/h

The animations are also very impressed with this tractor because as for example, you are able to open the windows and doors simultaneously. Also, if you compare it to the real-life example tractor, you can see that many parts that are moveable in real life, can also be changed in the game too.

New Holland T9 US Series

These are one of the most amazing tractors that you can find. They are big, great quality and a very versatile to use. Moreover, we love how they are rendered because the T9 series especially is so life-like. If you have ever seen T9 series tractors in reality then you might have noticed the large ones have more ample bonnet compared to the small ones. In the game, KMN Modding actually made this detail also visible for FS22 T9s and that is actually very impressive and skilled work of modding! Therefore, using this mod is so nice and attractive because it truly can represent real life farming.


Max speed: 43 km/h
Price: €365.465
Power: 370 – 620HP

In addition to all these amazing details, we really like the way this tractor operates. Once again, it really feels like you are driving this tractor in real life because as soon as you start your engine, you feel the potential and power of this machine. All of this really is amazing and all those details show so well in the game, so we can truly say that KMN Modding put so much work into the mods to make it look and feel amazing in the Farming Simulator 22. It’s really something unique if you compare it to other mods out there.

Claas Axion 900 Series


The Claas Axion 900 Series tractor by Smety is a vehicle that has been with us for a few years already and we all learned to love it. Many players agree with us too. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that we love the new version of the Farming Simulator 22 too, the creator Smety really outdone himself this time and made it amazing again. It will be liked a lot in the Farming Simulator 22, we have no doubts about it.

Let us explain a bit more why we love this tractor so much. First of all, everyone was amazed by the real life-like sounds that Smety created for this tractor. They are super high quality, so definitely worth the time it took to do – everyone really likes the sounds! Otherwise, Smety really took care of animations. This of course might not be very significant for all the players, but it is definitely super noticeable how the steering console can fold and unfold when you get on or off your tractor. Very impressive stuff indeed!


Production: 2011
Standard engine: Iveco / FPT Cursor 9, Tier 4i
Powershift gear: CMATIC – ZF – ECCOM 3.0
Max speed: 50 km/h
Price: 263000 €
Power: 320 – 445HP
Upgrade: wheel brand, wheel, body-color, rim color, hood grid color, exhaust cove

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